How Can I Generate More Enquiries Without More Traffic?

Traffic Jam

Did you know that around 75% of your website visitors will visit once and never come back?

That's a lot of missed conversion opportunities! The first step in keeping them coming back is to identify why they left in the first place. Is your website taking too long to load? Does it have too many adverts or pop-ups? Is your navigation clunky and difficult to use? Any sort of bad experience is enough to leave people running for the door.When someone reaches your site, is it clear what they should be doing? It's important your website has a strong call-to-action. This is often a stand-out message accompanied by a button that prompts the visitor to do something. Without a strong CTA, visitors might get confused with your website, leading them to click off. And if they were confused on their first visit, why would they return?If you haven't already, implement customer feedback into your website and marketing channels. Reviews and testimonials play a critical role in a buyer's decision-making process and willingness to buy. Building trust is vital in a digital landscape, and good customer reviews help boost confidence in your brand.Finally, make sure you regularly update your website and social media pages. Visitors are unlikely to be inclined to return if there's nothing new to see or do. Make regular contact too – personalised email marketing and targeted ads are likely to put you in the forefront of people's mind when looking for your product or service.