How Can I Increase My Website's Visibility In Search Engine Results?

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Optimising your website to appear higher, or more frequently, in search engine results pages, is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). The good news is that improving your SEO can start with just a few small tweaks to your website.Try to have regularly-updated content on your site (blogs are great for this) to prompt Google and other search engines to re-index your site. Use relevant keywords in your page titles, content and link 'anchor' text, and include a dynamic sitemap that updates when your site does. This will help search engines read your site and speed up the indexing process.Search engine 'bots' will read your content, but they won’t necessarily know what it's about or the context that it's in. Using schema markup code helps them to understand what the information is, and in-turn helps them return more-informative search results to users. If you haven't already, read our tip on Featured Snippets for more information on the possible benefits of this.Optimise your images too, with appropriate alt and title tags. Search engines will use AI technology to guess what an image is of, but using alt and title tags will help them (and visually-impaired users) out. Where possible, you should also geo-locate your images so that they are associated with your Google-registered business location.There are two absolute musts for SEO. The first is making sure that your site is mobile-friendly, as Google now favours mobile friendly sites and will rank them favourably in mobile search results.The second, more-recently announced change, is Google's plan for a more-secure web. You know that reassuring green padlock symbol that displays when you're shopping online? That means that the site is protected via an SSL certificate, which makes it much harder for hackers to eavesdrop on your data transmissions. Well, the latest news from Google is that in newer versions of their Chrome browser, they plan to flag up all sites that don't have an SSL certificate, and highlight this in their search results.Keeping on top of Google's guidelines for SEO best practices will make sure you stay in good stead.