What Are Featured Snippets and How Could They Help My Business?

Lady viewing featured snippet Google results

Have you ever asked Google a 'question' and noticed that the first listing in the search results is in a special format, containing the complete answer to your question (hopefully), along with a link to the site that answered it?Well, this is what Google calls a 'featured snippet', and the good news is that anyone can have a chance of providing the answer to the searcher's question – putting their site at that coveted top spot in the listings.If your site contains any 'FAQ' type content, then you would be well-advised to make sure that it is 'marked-up' with some special code tags so that Google can get a better idea of what the content is about – and with a bit of luck, feature it in its search results pages.For more information on how to implement this on your site, as well as seeing a great example of it in action, do a Google search for 'what is schema markup?'.