How Important Is Website Security?

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Just like insurance, the importance of website security is something that's often undervalued until the worst happens.

No doubt you've heard increasing reports recently of high-profile sites getting hacked and customer data being stolen – yet it still seems to be considered as one of those 'it won't happen to me' type scenarios.Granted, you might not feel like anyone would have a reason to hack your site. Maybe your site doesn't store any customer data, so you don't feel it would be a target. But the majority of sites that are attacked on a daily basis are done simply to demonstrate the hackers ability or to promote a political message. They often won't target a specific site, preferring instead to just scan the 'net for insecure hosting servers – and then break in once they find one.Imagine if one of your customers arrived on your site one day to be greeted by a blank screen with a garbled message about the site having been 'H4x0r3D by v3N0M'. It probably wouldn't leave them with the warm fuzzy feeling that you'd like them to have whenever they interact with your brand.Believe it or not, we've seen this happen on more than one occasion over the years – usually to sites hosted on low-budget shared hosting servers – so it pays dividends to use a good quality managed hosting service that takes security seriously.Another method that hackers often use to gain access to websites is through security 'holes' in un-patched website code. Always make sure that your CMS and plugins are kept up-to-date with the latest versions in order to minimise this risk.Improving site security might not seem like a marketing tip – but the consequences of not doing it could severely damage your brand, not to mention leaving your site offline unable to earn you any business.