What Are Web Analytics and Why Are They Important?

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Web analytics allow you to measure and review how your visitors arrive on your site, and what they do once there.

These metrics allow you to gain valuable insights into who your visitors are and how well your website is performing, helping you determine how best to maximise traffic and conversions.Knowing where your visitors are coming from is essential to know which of your marketing channels are working well, as well as identify potential new opportunities. And knowing how they interact with your site helps you optimise the user experience to keep them engaged for longer and turn them into customers.Analytics can help you track the performance of your social media and PPC advertising campaigns, or see what percentage of your users are browsing on mobile devices or using a specific browser.It might sound complex, but web analytics are easy to implement and use. We're fans of both Google Analytics and Hotjar, as they are simple to understand, and together provide a goldmine of information on visitor behaviour.Without analytics, you won't have any idea why your website isn't performing, nor will you have anything to benchmark any improvements against. If your site doesn't have any analytics set up, make this your first priority and start collecting that valuable data.