Why Should My Business Be Blogging?

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Blogging is a great way of generating new leads.

A blog – short for 'web log' – is a collection of time-stamped content, presented in chronological order as a series of 'posts'.Every post is a search-indexable page on your site – filled with keywords relevant to your specialist subject – so consistent blogging is a great way of showing Google that your site is regularly updated, therefore boosting your rankings. Also ensure your post content is optimised with the appropriate meta tags and schema markup for maximum search engine visibility.As a blog post might be the entrance page that a new visitor lands upon, it's important to include a relevant call-to-action here. If your website has a specific goal, make sure your blog posts are also optimised for this conversion.An up-to-date blog will also keep visitors coming back, as it gives them a reason to return regularly. And a regular visitor is much more likely to convert into a paying customer. Blogging is also a non-intrusive way to demonstrate your knowledge and present yourself as an authority in your industry, which will help position you highly in somebody's mind when they're choosing to buy the products or services you offer.You should also publish blog content on other platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Medium. Blogging is a great way of generating shareable, engaging content for social media, which in-turn diverts people to your website. And for popular blog posts, it can also be beneficial to market them through Facebook and Google pay-per-click advertising, as this will attract new visitors in an informal, non-salesy way. And make sure you always use a Facebook tracking pixel on blog posts, as this will allow you to build up a targeted list of Facebook accounts to further market to.The benefits of having an up-to-date blog are huge, so why not start blogging and see how it really can help bring you more traffic.