6 Ways to Streamline your Business with Google Drive

6 Ways to Streamline your Business with Google Drive

Get in and buckle up, we’re going for a Google drive.

There’s no surprise that Google have pounced on the opportunity to create something spectacular for consumers to use for free - with paid accounts available for more storage - among other huge brands like Apple and Microsoft.“So how can I use Google Drive to benefit my business?”, we hear you ask. Well, here are 6 ways to get you started. Get in and buckle up, we’re going for a Google drive.

1. Keeping everything in one place.

Imagine a town square with all your favourite shops lined up next to each other. Google Drive is similar to this, only you don’t have to pay for anything - unless you want to upgrade. Knowing that your documents, videos and images etc are all in one place means you can rely on the Drive to save you time walking round town.

2. Easy collaborations on files.

Being able to share files between employees is essential to getting stuff done quickly and efficiently. Not only can they read the files, but given permission, they can edit these files too, making for easy collaboration.

3. No heavy files to upload or download.

Ever tried sending a few big files via email? We’ve all been there. And it isn’t ideal. On Google Drive you can upload your file - a video for example - and click share. The receiver simply accesses this file by clicking on the link. Bingo! You’re now watching a cat compilation video. Good job.

4. Accessibility.

A large majority of people now have smart phones, or phones with internet capabilities. This means you can access your files on Google Drive from anywhere with an internet connection - making Google Drive extremely convenient for business meetings or events.

5. Google Docs.

This alone would make for an amazing consumer product. Not only are Google supplying us with 15GB free storage, but they’re giving us tools to construct files for our business. There are tools for desktop publishing, spreadsheets, presentations and more – all of which give Microsoft Office a run for it’s money. Thanks Google!

6. Automatic saves and versioning.

Losing work through forgetting to save or.. technical difficulties.. can be very stressful and time consuming. Luckily, any changes made to files within Google Drive are saved after every alteration, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing work. Additionally, any changes you made that you wanted to undo can be recovered by finding it in the revision history.Google Drive is a must-use for businesses. We use it throughout the day to keep ourselves organised and share work and ideas with each other. It’s simple setup process allows you to get going quickly!So what are you waiting for? Get yourself using Google Drive and help streamline your business.We love using the Drive and hopefully you will too. Please share this blog if it helped you, it might be useful to someone else!

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