A Disruptive Outing

A Disruptive Outing

Deuce heads to London to see the European premiere.

The film is a design documentary, one that our design team had heard loads about before and with the offer of free tickets and popcorn, put their names down straight away. Here’s a recap of how they got on at the event..

We were super excited to be on our way to London Palladium. But despite our best efforts to leave in good time, we still had to run for the train.The Palladium is only down the street from Oxford Circus underground but thanks to Eloise’s ‘amazing’ directional skills, we ending up walking in a big circle. You can imagine how happy she was when we finally approached the venue!

It’s still early. Few people are dotted about the steps waiting to go in. 30 mins before open doors - a perfect excuse for a quick pint! Our liquid dinner and event discussions quickly got us into the spirit of things.Upon arrival we received our beautifully designed metal tickets and grabbed a drink. It didn’t take us long to snap up the free popcorn, stickers and sweets!
We even got our photos professionally taken. Dave geniously decided to ‘borrow’ a bottle of  champagne which made an excellent prop!
Finally into the theatre, we chose our seats (making sure Matt had enough leg room of course) and sat down to watch the anticipated design documentary.
It did not disappoint, doing a great job exposing out-of-the-box techniques used by the likes of Google, Facebook and Netflix to create successful products.We also got to catch a Q&A with one of Eloise’s favourite designers, Tobias Van Schneider (former Lead product designer at Spotify), who discussed the importance of designers in the decision making process.The event truly left us feeling motivated and inspired! A huge thank you to InVision for having us!

We had such a great time that we want to share it with the rest of you! We are now discussing with InVision the possibility of hosting our own Design Disruptors screening in the local area, so watch this space!

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