The Benefits of Advertising Your Business with Twitter

The Benefits of Advertising Your Business with Twitter

It’s a free social marketing tool useful for almost any company imaginable.

You control what you post, in a way that best represents your company. It’s a method of networking with other companies, and also gives your potential customers and clients somewhere to get better acquainted with you.

But what if that isn’t enough? Maybe you don’t feel like you are reaching as many people as you thought when you signed up? Well, there is a way you can take this tool further. An exclusive club, if you will, of Twitter users with extra features and promotions from Twitter. However, this comes at a price…

What is Twitter advertising?

There are a few advertising methods Twitter can offer you. You can, if you like, use all 3 methods to get more visibility and attraction to your company Twitter account. They can all be used to target specific demographics, meaning the interest you get, will be defined and relevant to your company. Here is what you can do.

You can promote your account

Ever seen the ‘who to follow’ box on the side of Twitter interface? Of course you have. They always seem to suggest the perfect companies for you. And that’s simply because Twitter knows what you want to see. Business owners can take advantage of this, as they know their company will land perfectly in sight of potential customers.

Twitter who to follow box

You can choose to target your audience, too. Twitter will target people’s interests, their gender or the area in which they live to make sure it is seen by relevant people. Handy!

Promote your tweets

Much like promoting your account, Twitter allows you to target specific aspects of your Tweet to access a defined audience. You can target by keywords; target by interests and gender; target by geography; by device; or by analysing your existing followers.

Crafting the perfect tweet that will entice people to check out your company is a good way of attracting relevant followers that could turn into leads. If you were to promote that tweet as well, the impact could be enormous.

Promote your trends

Trends is arguably the most powerful feature on Twitter. You want people to be talking about you and creating conversations. Having a trending hashtag will expose your company massively to the public. You can promote it by country, or if you’re really brave, go global! The trend will be promoted for a day.

This is extremely effective to create awareness of a mass extent. Whether you are trying to promote an event or running a major campaign, promoting your trend is an extremely effective method.


Charts and Iphone

And of course, Twitter is kind enough to supply us with tools to measure the success of your adverts. Given the information on how people are using your ads is important so you can see what does and doesn’t work for your future advertising campaigns.

Money, money, money…

We have been neglecting the issue of money, haven’t we… well let’s be honest here, nobody wants to waste money. Every penny can go far if you know how to spend and save wisely. And you’ll be happy to hear that with Twitter advertising, you pay only for engagement. Phew!Simply set a budget, place a bid for your adverts and get promoted. It’s as easy as that.

So what can we say about Twitter advertising?

Advertising with Twitter is undoubtedly a great way of getting exposed to a defined audience. Arguably one of the best ways to create leads, due to specific targeting options. It’s pay-only-for-engagement policy means you know that your adverts aren’t just sitting there spending your money without benefiting your company.With the analytics, you can measure the success of your adverts and note what worked for you, and what didn’t, making it a great way to define your audience further.

We hope you have a clear insight to what Twitter's advertising is all about. Maybe you know someone looking to advertise their company and are stuck for choice? Share this blog to give them an idea of how they can use Twitter to achieve advertising success.

Are you using a different advertising method and having great success? What do you think are the benefits of advertising with Twitter? We’d love to know your experiences. Leave us a comment or contact us.

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