Can Pokemon Go players be your new customers?

Can Pokemon Go players be your new customers?

But Niantic isn’t the only company benefiting from the success of the app. We’ve been catching up on what others have done to turn players into customers and with the following game knowledge, you could be to.


In the midsts of catching Pokémon, players stop at Pokéstops to pick up in game necessities. These are located around establishments such as pubs, parks, libraries, cafés, restaurants, monuments and more. Businesses have been shouting about their local Pokéstop, giving players a reason to stop by.


New York’s Picasso's Pizza reaching out to Pokémon Go players

Lure modules

When placed on Pokéstops, lure modules attract Pokémon and draw in crowds of players. Business have been putting these on nearby stops to attract more potential customers. Some places having been setting lures off if certain products are brought and others reward players who set them off.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 14.23.01

Dance club chain Gold Teeth put on Lure parties to attract larger crowds


Usually located next to Pokéstops, Gyms are also placed around popular places and it’s where trainers go to battle their Pokémon. Gyms can also be claimed by the player who wins the most battles. Businesses have taken to rewarding gym leaders with product offers. Some have even been defending their local gym in a bid to bring in competitive customers.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 14.25.36

Australia’s East Brunswick Hotel Pub gives free beer to gym leaders

No Gyms or Pokéstops near by?

Try out a Pokémon themed product to tempt fans into stopping by.


Doughnut Time’s 'I Pika Choose You' Doughnut

Join the conversation

Love or hate it, Pokémon Go has become a huge success and with such buzz around it, it’s worth taking to social media to advertise your business around it.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 14.30.09

Psyduck in the Trainline office


Be a Whataburger master

Pokémon, no!

Pokémon might not be suitable for your brand or audience, in which case its best to avoid it in your marketing strategy however the emergence of locational technology is definitely something to consider.Pokémon Go might be a trend for now, but it’s interaction has only just begun to bridge the gap between technology and the real world. It’s likely we'll be seeing a rise in similar experiences soon which could be quite significant to your business.

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