Why We Choose Google to Power Our Business Email

Why We Choose Google to Power Our Business Email

Your email is probably the most important method of communication.

It’s obvious to see how the company have propelled themselves forward in the internet services industry.

We could literally go on for hours discussing which app to write about, but when it comes down to it, we couldn’t deny the importance of email systems. Your email is probably the most important method of communication for your entire company. Everyone needs a business email account.Much like choosing an office, it has to be perfect. This is where Google Mail comes in. Most people are aware of the Gmail personal email service, but they also have an awesome business version available as part of the Google Apps package.

Why is it better than any other service provider?

Google Apps

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Google Apps grants you access to an extremely powerful suite of web tools for businesses. It can only be described as a perfectly-crafted web applications cockpit. And you are in the drivers seat. Being the same applications hub that provides you with Google Drive means you have access to other useful apps all in the same area. Including Gmail for business.


With the ability to access your business email wherever you are, you can read and reply to client messages quickly and easily; keeping them happy with your service and maintaining a good relationship with them. By syncing your tablet or smart phones to your Gmail account means - whilst you’re out getting an ice cream and absorbing all the sun you can get - you can take your portable office out with you.


Did the man in the ice cream truck short change you? No worries, using Google Mail is very affordable and cost effective compared to running your own mail server. You get more features along with a generous amount of space for better rates.

Company Domain Name

Of course, you’re going to want your own company domain name, aren’t you? No problem. It’s simple and quick to set up a new account for users within your company, ensuring you are communicating professionally to clients, co-workers and other business people.

Centrally Managed

By now you’re probably wondering, ‘who is in charge of my email accounts?’. You are. As Google Apps is centrally managed it means you can edit and update any email accounts you have already made; or you can add/remove any email accounts at any time. Unless you want to give someone else the responsibilities of being administrator, you are completely in charge!

Effective Spam Filters

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Their spam filters are extremely effective and well trained. This will save you lots of time going through useless emails from bots; or strange men from Nigeria asking for your bank details. You also don’t want to accidentally delete a client email in a mess of spam emails. Spam emails are detrimental to your accounts, but Google sorts through that for you.Choosing Gmail for business is quite honestly a no-brainer. Google’s consistent reliability and innovation give you every reason to use their products. As a company who uses Google products to streamline our business, we can’t rate them highly enough.Are you using a different email system? Or maybe you’ve had a bad experience with Google products? We’d love to hear what you’ve got to say. Drop us a comment and let’s get talking!Alternatively, click that share button if you love Google as much as we do!

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