What is Content Marketing? – The best strategy for marketing your business online

What is Content Marketing? – The best strategy for marketing your business online

Everything you need to know about content marketing.

Content marketing is simply a technique whereby a company distributes valuable and relevant content consistently to appeal to a defined audience, in a way that will profit the company through customer action.

Keep YOUR target audience interested.

By creating original and personalised content for your own customer base, it means you are creating a relationship more personal and interactive than one created from just constantly plugging a product or service (which we all know as spam – disliked by the vast majority of us). Your content is essentially the voice of your company, so it is important to only put out posts that suit the culture you want to portray, whilst making sure you are offering them something of value.

How can I attract new customers and keep the existing ones?

Content doesn’t just have to be a plain, written blog article. You can use imagery within your blogs to add extra interest to your posts, keeping your readers entertained. Even try having an infogram created; an image with informative properties related to your post. You can use video and audio content; for example – a presentation or podcast. With over 50% of people watching online videos daily, you cannot ignore the potential of video content. With Internet giant YouTube being owned by Google it gives you a better chance of reaching a greater amount of people. It can also enhance your SEO rankings.

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How quickly will I see results?

It is important to understand that content marketing isn’t just something that will show your company immediate benefits. It is a long term marketing strategy with intentions of attracting potential customers within your target market and retaining existing ones through releasing content consistently. However, it is imperative that you are releasing excellent quality content that people are going to learn from or take an interest in. Feeding people with copious amounts of unreadable and irrelevant information will simply confuse your defined audience and will not benefit you or the reader.

If you’ve been reading up about content marketing already, I’m sure you’ve already read Bill Gates famous words - ‘Content is King’ - scattered around the internet. Coming from the man whose innovations have changed the world; I don’t think many people can argue with that. We know what Bill has to say about content within marketing, now we’d love to hear what you have to say!

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