Girl Powering-Up the Web Team

Girl Powering-Up the Web Team

We are delighted to welcome the latest member of our in-house team.

On the subject of belts, she’s not far off earning a black belt in Kickboxing so we’ve also gained an studio bodyguard!Within her role as web developer, Eloise will help to ensure the smooth delivery of many of the digital projects that Deuce undertake for our clients, and help to maintain the high standard of work our clients are accustomed to.

Eloise, over to you...

Hello there,I’m Eloise, a front end web developer situated only 30 mins walk away from Deuce Creative HQ.I graduated a couple of years ago with a degree in Digital Graphic Design and worked in a couple of agencies since. I have been longing to work somewhere that loves WordPress as much as me and Deuce was just the place.So here are a few little things about me:

Biggest Professional Achievement

Receiving a CSS award for a website I helped build.

Biggest Personal Achievement

Getting a brown Assistant Instructor belt in kickboxing.

Things I like

Cats, rock music, post it notes, films and sweets

Things I Dislike

Early mornings, walking in the rain and the colour yellowFinally, I am very happy to be a part of such a creative team and look forward to working with some interesting and varied clients. And no, I wasn’t paid to say that :).

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