Give your website a spring clean

Give your website a spring clean

Is your website ready to welcome new visitors?

Time for change?

Is your website a hub of activity generating traffic and conversions? If not, then why?Using analytics can help identify areas of disinterest on your site and help you discover where your visitors are falling off. Set up a free account with Hotjar and Google Analytics to start generating valuable insights into how people are using your site. If your users are not completing the task you want them to, then maybe it’s time for some changes.

Clear the clutter


Don’t fluff-up pages with large walls of content. Split content into easy, digestible chunks of information with engaging subheadings and images.

Site structure

Keep navigation simple – include only the most important pages in your main menu. From landing on your site through to a conversion, your website needs to get your user from point A to point B in a few easy steps with as little friction as possible.


As simple forms are easier to get through, they often result in a higher completion rate, so clear away any unnecessary fields like marketing questions and required account set up.

Remove the cobwebs

In the digital world, cobwebs are outdated pieces of information. If it’s 2017 and your last post was dated 2015, people landing on your site will question if you’re even still in business. It gives no reason for visitors to come back and check for fresh content.

Stop hoarding

Stop stuffing every page with an overload of information and text. If it’s hard to read, it won’t be read at all. Don’t clog up sites with tonnes of features it doesn’t need, and stop holding onto marketing and web designs that don’t work. If it’s not helping to bring in those conversions, get rid of it.Remove unused files that are collecting digital dust. It will free up space and help speed up your site - Google will love you for that. Just be sure to set up appropriate redirects where necessary so that any old indexed URLs don’t send visitors to your 404 page.

Spruce up evergreen content

It’s worth checking over old content for useful information. Some blog posts you might be able to re-share, particularly annual holiday content. It doesn’t hurt to edit the content slightly to bring it up to date. Make it more engaging by using videos, images, infographics, relevant links to newer articles etc. It’s amazing how much just a few tweaks can breathe new life into old content.

Upgrade WordPress and Plugins

The longer you put off updating, the more outdated code becomes on your site (and the harder it becomes to update without problems). That’s why it’s vital to keep on top of WordPress updates. Usually involving bug fixes and security patches, regular updates keep your site secure and in good health. It also shows you’re an active, up-to-date business in Google’s eyes, so some SEO brownie points can be earned here too.Don’t forget: It’s of extreme importance to backup your website’s database and files before updating. Most decent hosting companies will backup your database automatically but it’s worth getting in touch with them to make sure.

Fix what’s broken

Check for 404’s (the broken page links on your site). You can you check here by entering your web address or ask your web team if you are unsure. If your site is in WordPress, we recommend downloading the Redirection plugin to replace any broken links.Look around your website. Are there any noticeable problems? Use your website like your customers would. Are there any flaws in the user journey?Ruthlessly check for spelling and incorrect info. It’s also worth getting a few extra pair of eyes to take a look as they could find something you might have missed.

Secure your site

Don’t let your hard work go to waste. You don’t want to spend hours cleaning only to have someone come in and start making a mess! Make sure your hosting is secure, an SSL certificate is in place, and login passwords are updated at least every six months.

Refresh the design

Since the spring is a time for new beginnings, now is a great time to implement a fresh new design. Is your website lacking in conversions? Does it give people that warm fuzzy feeling when they arrive on a beautiful site?Science tells us that people trust an attractive website over a messy, mediocre-looking one, so don’t risk losing customers to your competitors and keep your site as clean and polished as it can be!

Scrub up

The digital landscape moves so quickly. It’s all too easy to let your site fall behind. Your website is often the first point-of-call for customers, so don’t let outdated posts or page content force them to reach for the back button. If you would like any assistance on keeping your site maintained then get in touch. You say bang and the dirt is gone!

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