Google Will Penalize Sites That Are NOT Mobile Friendly

Google Will Penalize Sites That Are NOT Mobile Friendly

David Jemison

Apr 13, 2015
1 min read
Google Will Penalize Sites That Are NOT Mobile Friendly

Google is about to release another update to it’s search engine algorithm which will see mobile friendly sites boosted up in the search rankings. What can be expected from this update?

Starting 21st March, Google will be expanding their use of mobile friendliness as a ranking factor. Good for those who have a responsive or mobile-friendly site, but not for those who don’t.How mobile friendly is your website? Use our mobile-friendly checker to find out now.

Your website isn't mobile friendly?

It’s not just your rankings in search engines that this will be affecting. Over 50% of people who browse the web are using smartphones or tablets. If you are offering a poor mobile experience, you are potentially missing out on a huge amount of conversions from your site.The factors that cause your site to be unfriendly to mobile devices can range from font sizes being too small, links being too close together, content too wide, site speed too slow or even just unplayable videos due to non-compatible software.

Can you afford to lose out on valuable customers?

As a website design agency, we make mobile friendly websites that offer a great experience to users whilst converting traffic into customers for your business.If you want to know more about making your website mobile friendly to improve your search engine rankings and conversion rates, contact us today.

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