Increase Engagement with Unique Website Themes

Increase Engagement with Unique Website Themes

Many websites, once created, work a routine life throughout their existence.

As the holiday season fast approaches we find ourselves on autopilot. We dig out the decs, spruce up our homes, offices or shops and prepare for that Christmas rush.  But amongst the excitement many forget to spare a thought for the online side of their businesses.

Cue website theming.

Giving a visual nod to the holiday season or other trending topic through your website can really ramp up conversions. It's been seen to work particularly well for e-commerce, however can work equally well for business-to-business.

Show some real personality

No doubt you’ve spent a long time refining how your brand is perceived in the market, and this will inevitably determine how far you are willing to travel down the website theming path.

We all know that bland isn’t a very enticing trait for a business to have. And if your site just stands there like a scarecrow, the chances are that over time your visitors will lose interest.

However, theming your site is more than ensuring the design stays looking fresh. Most of all it’s about acknowledging the users of your site as human beings and not just another transaction line item.

Google Doodle


What better way of showing the effect of customised theming than through the example of Google.Google regularly updates the face of their website with themes based around important events and milestones in history. The Google team often provide their visitor with enigmatic graphics and even interactive games built around their logo. The Google logo is so famous that occasionally they leave the logo out entirely, or make it extremely vague to distinguish.I’m not suggesting you should sacrifice your brand identity in order to theme your website, but basing your themes around upcoming events and milestones, like Google, can be beneficial to your online profile.You probably don’t need to go quite as far as Google though and theme your site around events as bizarre as ‘Amalia Eriksson's 190th Birthday’ or ‘Loy Krathong Day 2014’...

Why not go all out

Movember themed logo

The Legion logo themed for Movember, compared to the standard logo, adds some variety to the design.[/caption]The website of The Legion, a nightclub in Guildford, is regularly updated with unique and quirky themes that convey the personality of the brand. Every theme is designed to promote their brand persona, with themes rolled out for many annual occasions such as Easter, Guy Fawkes night, Halloween, Movember, Christmas and more.These theme changes don’t deface the brand. That’s not what you’re trying to do. Subtle changes that suit the time of year and bring out some personality help in building a positive message.

Don’t just change the website theme

Your website theme isn’t the only aspect of your online profile that deserves the pleasure of a makeover. If you regularly send emails out to your customers or clients, why not customise your email signature? Or how about your social media profile and cover images?Again, by refreshing your online footprint and showing personality to your customers, it offers further opportunity to build relationships, get customers to join you in the festivities, and increase awareness of your brand.


Website theming can be a fantastic and unique way to separate your brand from others in an otherwise crowded market. It might not directly impact your sales from the off, but it helps build relationships, increases awareness, and demonstrates that you pay attention to your website.Have you got any questions about website theming? Show us your favourite website theme! We love seeing unique and inspiring designs. Thanks for reading.

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