Online Savings Time

Online Savings Time

Don’t waste another second and follow our top tips.

“Saving time is sexy now, right?” - Ryan Donahue, ZendeskWhether your website provides a service or sells products, your primary focus should be saving people time. Complex, time consuming sites will leave them running, so don’t waste another second and follow our top tips below to get time on your website’s side!

Maximise site loading time

It might sound silly, but an extra one-second delay in your site loading could have negative effects including 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and 7% loss in conversions. You’ve barely a second to impress so make it count.

Prioritise accessibility

Speed is one thing, but if people can’t access your site, they’ll be gone in a tick. Having a responsive site is not a choice anymore, unless you want to lose up to 60% of your potential audience. Websites need to be mobile ready and browser friendly, so make sure your site is covered. You never know how it might be accessed.

Simplify forms

Minimise time and effort by asking only for essential information in forms. Easy forms often result in a higher completion rates, so remove unnecessary fields such as title and marketing questions like “How did you hear about us?”. And should you really need to register to make a one-off purchase? Consider implementing a guest checkout.Be flexible with how people type in their data. If they enter a postcode with spaces, don’t punish them by stating 'address is incorrect'. Remember, form submissions are potential leads, so just get them filled out first. You can always follow up for more information at a later date.

Feature contact details

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Are your contact details ready-to-hand? Available on every page? Easily noticeable? People won’t waste any time searching around for important details, so don’t hide your point-of-contact away and miss out on potential conversions. Easily-implemented features such as fixed top bars ensure contact details are always visible.

Clear the clutter

Keep navigation simple – include only important pages in your primary menu, and don’t fluff up pages with unnecessary content that no one has time to read. People will be able to process your site much quicker this way. Using analytics can help identify ideas of disinterest on your site as well as content with high engagement.

Include search

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Reduce the time of filtering through your website by integrating search functionality. Search works as a navigation for confused visitors, and can reduce clicks to pages for returning web users. Specific search is also an opportunity to direct people, especially e-commerce websites – a 'search products' box helps people quickly arrive onto a desirable product page.

Consider live chat

Any confusion or questions from your website's visitors will result in website abandonment unless they receive a quick answer. A live chat feature allows an instant communication option should any problems arise, reducing clicks away from your site and increasing potential conversions. Multiple chats can be managed simultaneously, which is much quicker than a customer service phone line.Why not review your website and see where time could be saved? And don't forget to put your clocks back!

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