The Importance of SEO for your Business

The Importance of SEO for your Business

Drive more visitors to a website by increasing it's search ranking.

What is SEO?

Simply put, the ultimate goal of SEO is to get, and to keep, a website at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs), as that is where it will receive the most amount of clicks.

How can I use SEO to marketing my business?

SEO is a part of a broader term called SEM, Search Engine Marketing, which encompasses the practices of link building, social media, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, usability analysis and of course SEO.  There are two key ways of encouraging search engines to prioritise the importance of your website. The first is through Pay Per Click advertising, which involves bidding on keyword phrases relevant to your target market. An example of this would be Google's AdWords system. PPC experts place bids to be shown when a specific keyword is searched for, and the highest bidders get their sites shown first within the highlighted sponsored ads sections, when the keyword is searched.

Google Results for SEO Company

However, it is usually more favoured to receive high rankings within the search engines' organic listings, without having to rely on PPC. Search engines use automated programs, or 'bots', to scan websites and collect vital information as to what they think the site is about. This information is then used to enable the search engines to decide which websites should be displayed for the term the user has searched for. Optimising your site for these bots is the primary purpose of search engine optimisation, although there are many more methods that the search engines use to measure a website's relevance and authority, and a correctly-executed SEO strategy should cover as many of these as possible.

An SEO round up

In summary, SEO is a vital marketing tool for your website, and should never be overlooked. It can build brand awareness and place your website above those of your competitors. It can generate traffic from targeted audiences in a cost-effective way, which in-turn helps optimise the website further in the eyes of the search engines - giving you a great return on your investment.In our experience, a great-looking and user friendly website is nothing if nobody can find it. If you need any advice or further information on how we can help your website gain the exposure it deserves, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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