The Misfit Skateboards website launch!

The Misfit Skateboards website launch!

David Jemison

Feb 9, 2016
1 min read
The Misfit Skateboards website launch!

‘Cos where others see an empty carpark or a run-down building, we see endless possibilities.It is the creativity and the drive to push boundaries that must have brought our two brands together on this fun journey.

The last few months leading up to the launch of Misfit Skateboards’ website were buzzing with great ideas, brainstorming in and out of the office to create an image that accurately represents their motto and what they stand for.And so last Friday we launched their first custom designed e-commerce website that is a perfect extension of their super cool logo created by their own Dan, head of design at Misfits HQ.In fact, all their decks feature designs from in-house artists. The online shop also offers clothing and accessories for those who live to skate or simply are after the original skater style. We are so pleased to hear the company has already made sales in the mere few days it has been live! The brand is receiving quite a buzz around it on Facebook as well. Not even our team could resist and we made a purchase of three decks to go on our wall here at the office. Check out one of our favourites.

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