Wireframes and Why We Use Them

We like to get things right first time.

We like to get things right first time.

The PID begins life as a working document, and in it's final form will provide a client-approved outline of the project plan, technical specification, feature requirements and creative brief. Once the client is happy, and we're happy, then the wireframing process begins.


What is a wireframe?

We believe that wireframes are vital to the success of any web project. Wireframes are created before any design work begins, and are used as a template to show the client the basic content layout and priority of information that best supports the website’s business objectives. Wireframes don't usually contain graphical elements, just placeholders for the final text and images.It is much easier to make changes to wireframes before starting the actual user interface design, thus they provide an effective way to communicate the different user flows and page layouts before concentrating on the actual appearance of the site. Wireframe planning is integral to any successful web project, and guarantees that we have the right foundation on which to build your design.As well as being great for the client, wireframes are also a major source of input for the creative team. They provide the designers with the basic content layout requirements, and provide specific detailed functional requirements to the developers.We believe that the progression of the wireframing process is an invaluable way of getting things right first time, helping to produce a user-friendly, captivating and effective website for the client.

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