Promotional campaign for a movie tie-in between two well-known brands to help promote a new cooking range.

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The designer kitchen company teamed up with 20th Century Fox for the release of Snoopy and Charlie Brown: The Peanuts Movie, as part of an advertising campaign to feature their new Vantage cooking range. Baumatic approached us to create a competition landing page with Snoopy’s dream shopping trip to Paris as the prize.

A new landing page was needed to integrate with the website's existing CMS. The design would need to retain Baumatic's luxury branding style, whilst appealing to a younger audience at the same time.



Data was taken from a previous competition pages to understand how users interact with these pages, and to help establish where everything needed to go on the page. We used this data to mock up a wireframe, and after a design was agreed the final page was built.


We created a responsive web page with form integration for competition entries. We placed movie characters onto the product range and designed an image-heavy page to appeal to the family audience Baumatic were targeting.

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