A brand identity and website for a 74-acre housing project for Woking Borough Council.

Website Development


Canalside is a new large residential property development in Woking, UK. The client needed a brand to represent the development, and an umbrella website to portray the overarching ethos of the project and it's various phases of development.

With the development being made up of nine distinct phases, each with their own identity, we were commissioned to come up with a distinct brand and online presence with which to represent the development as a whole, but that could also sit alongside the brands of each individual phase as they're launched.



As a waterside development, we stylised the letters CS to represent the flow of the canal, creating a unique brand image that is modern and memorable. Taking cues from the forward-thinking, eco nature of the development, the website uses a natural colour palette, clear iconography, and subtle interaction animations. Further use of curved shapes serves to accentuate the canalside connection and tie in the logo design.


The result is a clear identity that is both modern yet timeless. Custom photography helps sell the area, and the periodic unveiling of development phases as they're being built, keeps visitors coming back to find out more. The brand provides a solid reference identity from which the brands of each individual phase can be developed to ensure brand continuity, tying everything together in a beautiful way.

Matt Sims

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