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A ground-up rebuild using modern web standards, with heavy use of imagery for inspiration, and a more-logical navigation structure.

Excek are an office furniture wholesalers in Farnham, providing high-quality workplace furniture solutions.

The guys at Excek were all to aware that their outdated website was in desperate need of an overhaul, and they had been putting it off for far too long.

After choosing Deuce as their partner, we helped them through the entire process. From the initial brand refresh, planning of the website structure, right through to the website user experience.


With elements still requiring the Flash player to be installed, Excek’s website was quickly becoming unusable and slipping down the search rankings. We re-built the website from the ground-up using modern web standards and a clean and simple image heavy design that would help people navigate through the site and quickly find products of interest.

Excek Furniture
Excek Furniture
Excek Furniture
Excek Furniture


Starting off with competitive keyword research, we were able to identify the words and phrases that were being used by people searching for the products and services that Excek offered. We also added tracking software to their old site whilst it was still live and used the data we collected to help plan the new more user-friendly website.

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