Grays & Brown

Aspirational lifestyle imagery inspires visitors with exquisite flooring choices, directing them to visit the showroom or make contact.

Grays & Brown
Website Development


Grays & Brown are a high-end flooring installer with a showroom in the royal county of Berkshire.

As a new business born out of a long pedigree in the flooring industry, the client required a complete brand identity and bespoke website that would position them at the higher-end of the flooring market in the home counties.

Grays & Brown
Grays & Brown


After thoroughly researching the landscape, we came up with the Grays & Brown name and brand that perfectly portrays the high-end feel that the client was looking for. This was then translated through to a bespoke Webflow website centred around aspirational lifestyle imagery.


The result is a beautiful website that inspires visitors with the exquisite flooring choices available, directing them to visit the showroom or make contact.

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