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Building trust with potential investors was the brief for this website for a well-established property developer.

Westmede Properties specialise in UK commercial and residential property investment and development, and have been partnering with some of the UK's leading property developers since 2002 to create high-quality, desirable homes.

To help build trust with potential new investors, Westmede needed a more comprehensive online presence to better communicate what they offer, their achievements, and their portfolio of developments.

Having some knowledge of web development they had managed to produce a website in-house to get something off the ground, however due to running a scaling business they were unable to find the time to dedicate to it wholeheartedly and get it off the ground.

They realised an opportunity loss that not having a comprehensive online presence implied and decided to reach out in their network for a web design company that was up to the challenge – thankfully they were referred to us.


The project was undertaken during the second Lockdown, therefore meeting in person was not possible. Following some initial Zoom calls with Chris from Westmede, together we defined their key goals for the site.  

Budget was tighter than usual due to uncertain times, however this should not affect the quality of the output. It was a priority to make sure that the site was slick, modern and developed to a high standard.

Westmede Property
Westmede Property
Westmede Property
Westmede Property


We started by mapping out a website user experience that would provide visitors with all of the information they need about Westmede’s past experience in the property business, as well as encourage visitors to take that next step and make contact.

With their budget in mind, we boiled down only the key features and functionality that would be needed for an initial version one launch and then got to work, establishing a new visual direction.

Kind words

Testimonial yellow starTestimonial yellow starTestimonial yellow starTestimonial yellow starTestimonial yellow star

...came to us through a recommendation. Matt and his team took our brief, created a baseline website, accommodated our changes and iterations and delivered us a website we're proud of.

George Wise

George Wise

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