Good SEO rankings, but poor sales?

So you engaged an SEO company to help boost your rankings? They delivered on their promise, your monthly reports are positive, visibility has improved and your traffic has been steadily on the rise. However there’s one glaring issue. You’re not getting the enquiries you’d hoped for!The role of a good SEO company is twofold. To improve the online visibility of a business, and to increase the amount of qualified traffic to a company’s website. Increasing traffic is all well and good, but only when it coverts into new opportunities and sales.If you are finding that you're not getting the level of enquiries and new business that you anticipated, then it’s likely there are flaws in other areas of your online marketing that are hampering your chances of visitor conversion.So what’s the next logical step to help solve the issue, and bring more leads into the business? The answer is often simple and starts with a thorough investigation into why things aren't happening as fast as you want, and uncovering the hidden challenges that are keeping your visitors from becoming customers.[gravityform id="4" title="true" description="true"]