How soon can you start a project?

We can typically start a project within 2-6 weeks of confirmation, but we usually have multiple proposals pending and our schedules can change at short notice, so the more notice we have, the sooner we can secure a start date.

Once we submit a proposal, we always endeavour to keep prospective clients up to date on available start dates and if our schedules change.

Once a project is confirmed, we need to:

  • Put in place a signed Master Service Agreement
  • Draft the initial Statement of Work (SoW)
  • Have the Statement of Work reviewed and signed
  • Issue the deposit invoice for the project
  • Run an internal team project briefing
  • Carry out some pre-kickoff planning and research
  • Prepare a client kick off session

There might also be some steps we need our clients to take before we can formally start a project, such as filling out some of our onboarding documents, briefing templates or questionnaires.

All of the steps above can easily take a couple of weeks, but often more if you have legal, procurement or C-Suite sponsors that need to review documents or provide sign off, so it’s worth building this into your timelines.